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EUREFILM the company


For over 40 years, our chief concern has been manufacturing our products.

This priority allows us to provide high quality which meets the standards of various library, media library, multimedia centre, document centre, exhibition centre, artisan and private customers in France and overseas.

Control of our coating and high-frequency sealing production tools allows us to create adhesive films and sealed plastic items which meet our customers’ needs perfectly.

We also have labels in our product range and, to adapt to new media, we create audio and video boxes in our injection presses.


Our company regularly expands these product ranges to better meet our customers' needs: tailor-made sleeves, Plexiglass stands, dividers, personalised labels.

All these item ranges are available on our website, which is regularly updated.

EUREFILM staff are available to try and accommodate your specific requests.

Also view our catalogue which you can download or request on the homepage.


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