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Terms and conditions of sale



Our prices are given excluding VAT, ex-store, with postage & packaging costs depending on the order.

The delivery times which we give are an indication and are met where possible.
Unless otherwise agreed by EURE-FILM, delivery delays cannot permit cancellation of the order by the customer or incur damages or interest.
Important: goods travel at the risk of the carrier. If there is any loss, a missing item or damage, you must contact the carrier.
The transfer of risks to the recipient takes place when the goods leave our warehouse (even for a postage paid home delivery).


Unless otherwise stated, our invoices are payable at 45 days from the date of invoice by cheque, bank transfer or postal transfer.
Please note that pursuant to legislation in article 186 of the public procurement code, payments must be made within FORTY-FIVE DAYS MAXIMUM.


For any sale, it is expressly agreed that goods remain the property of EURE-FILM until full payment is made.
EURE-FILM agrees to replace all products with manufacturing defects at its own cost within 30 days from receipt. If the goods are damaged or lost, regardless of the reason, the customer must immediately pay the cost to the supplier.


Our bills do not imply replacement or waiver of this jurisdiction clause. In the event of a dispute, the court of Evreux will have sole jurisdiction.


The manufacturing defect warranty can only be used by the customer if reporting defects in writing within one week from receipt of the goods.

In the event of a hidden defect, a written complaint must be submitted immediately after noting the fault, and the customer is responsible for proving that it was a hidden defect.
The customer may not return goods without our prior agreement.
Replaced goods become the property of the supplier again and must be returned at the cost of the customer.


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